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Definitely the best Nancy's film ever! These beautiful eyes and slender body will keep your lonely nights busy and hot! With stunning eye contact through the whole scene, she will entertain you with her best skills, super attentive care for your strongest arousal! Instant hit!
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Members Comments
  • GentleStranger
    I loved this so much. Make a thousand more like it. The extreme eye contact should be it's own fetish.
  • rickels2735
    New here! Great website and the video quality is super great!
  • MickDNY
    Nice work. Totally hot and I love the finish!
  • Gooch
    I was looking through the updates and paused, seeing "POV". I avoid and don't watch, or view, the B/G content on here, it's not that it's poorly done, it's done up to the great standards that you and the Wow Girls Network always do. Nope, it's just that I don't have a lot of interest in B/G, it's all over, everywhere, all the other sites I'm joined to seeming to offer very little lesbian or solo female content. In that regard, I joined soley for the saphhic and solo content. Now, seeing the POV in the title, I thought I'd hover my mouse over and double check - just as I had suspected, not a full on POV. I find full on POV, no male face (and if non-POV shots are used then no male face) to be fully more enjoyable for me than standard filmed B/G scenes. Again, that's only a personal preference, no disrespect to your find actors and production teams. I will go out on a limb and say I would enjoy seeing some full on, 100% POV for some of your future B/G shoots and scenes, please. Loving the site! Plan on being around for a very long time, in this one for the long haul.
  • SpinNick
    Nancy is definitely bi-sexual or total lesbian. Every time I watch her with a guy she’ll never look at him for more than second, barely kiss the guy, and doesn’t want his spunk anywhere near her. I feel bad for her, she should be filming only girl/girl videos because that’s where her passion is.
  • 690MADMEN
    One more great scene, you can tell they both enjoyed fucking each other, she had a nice orgasm, and you know he enjoyed being inside of her vagina
  • Konrad82
    I absolutely love that the finish was filmed in POV style. This should be chosen more often instead of the side profile. This is one of my fav scenes with Nancy.
  • Corbeau
    Hi there! Does anyone know what's the brand of this beautiful harness? Would love to find and buy it! Thanks for your help!
  • JimmyBoy
    Anything with Nancy is exceptionally amazing! Thank you. I'd love to see her do this same eye contact scenario in the bodage lace with another beautiful girl and a strap-on.