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Stunning Guerlain is a first class babe. In this breathtaking video she opens her legs, like never before and she does it exclusively for you. Watch this rare film in full and you will love how this girl is playing in front of you in bed with a killing eye contact, a horny beautiful body with totally wet pussy. It is so real in our Ultra Real 60F, that it feels like you are right there, sharing the bed. Join her now.
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Members Comments
  • harry555
    I love the bra and panties set here, could have done without the net in the first section, but that's aesthetics I suppose
  • Billyratbag
    This very fragrant young lady is quite simply exquisite and I'm besotted...
  • Billyratbag
    Comforting to know Ultra acknowledges the presence of this natural beauty and continues to feature her. I nod to the aesthetic and hope it remains so...
  • shyguy68
    I would love to see her be more adventurous with her body, and perhaps with other girls.
  • Whiskey1939
    I really like this beautiful model, it's great to see updates of her on multiple sites in your network.
  • geeaneel
    more of her
  • cicero15
    It is softcore but very hot! Guerlain is absolut beautiful!